Top 5 Artificial Jewellery Markets in Delhi That Sell at Affordable Prices

Buy artificial jewellery in Delhi from these special markets.

Delhi is the hub of artificial jewellery as there are a lot of wholesalers and manufacturer who supply their products to every part of India and overseas. The artificial jewellery markets in Delhi are a paradise for women who can shop any day or anytime of the day for this stylish and extraordinarily looking chunk of designer metal.

The craze of imitation or artificial jewellery amongst women is seen from the time immemorial. These artificial jewelleries have always come handy to those ladies who either couldn’t afford to purchase real jewels and precious stones or by girls who wish to donn a sleek yet stylish piece of junk jewellery as their daily wear. Artificial jewellery in Delhi can be found almost in every small or big market but the wholesale artificial jewellery market in Delhi is only at few places.

Artificial jewellery markets in Delhi

Here are 7 famous artificial jewellery markets in Delhi listed to inform and educate readers about the artificial jewellery wholesale manufacturer in Delhi and more. We have mentioned about these places for artificial jewellery in Delhi with price and other details.

Sadar Bazar Delhi

Artificial jewellery in Delhi Sadar Bazar is the best place to buy, as it is a hub for the manufacturers and wholesalers to sell the imitation jewellery to further distributors or retailers from various parts of India. In this artificial jewellery market in Delhi, one can find from a variety of earrings, necklaces, bangles, passas, matha patti, belts, anklets, rings, nose pins and many more. The artificial jewellery prices here vary from as low as Rs 30 to as high as Rs 3,00, 000  

Chandni Chowk Delhi

Other than wholesale cloth market and sumptuous eateries, Chandni Chowk is amongst the famous artificial jewellery markets in Delhi. It is said to be the wholesale jewellery market in Delhi, that sell women jewellery in bulk and supplies it to other parts of India and overseas. It is a one-stop-destination to purchase sleekest earrings and bangles for daily wear to the office or to go for heavily studded bridal jewellery at a very affordable price.

Palika Bazaar

The word of caution- “Be aware of buying fake products’ automatically comes from everyone when it comes to Palika Bazar of Delhi. Heavily decked with pirated CDs, DVDs, accessories, and other utility items, it is also one of the great artificial jewellery markets in Delhi. From imitated pearls to Kundan sets, from gold-plated bangles to artificial Jadaon necklaces, you just name it and the shopkeeper here will present it in front of you at half their originals’ prices.

Janpath Market

The open flea Janpath Market in the busiest Connaught Place is also an artificial jewellery market in Delhi. Though artificial jewellery wholesale manufacturer in Delhi do not do direct selling here, but small sized hawkers and vendors put the these interesting and amazingly gaudy looking pieces of junks on display on the pavements to attract women and sell them at very nominal prices.

Hauz Khaz Village

Hauz Khas Village aka HKV is another artificial jewellery market in Delhi the that complements with other retailers and designers of clothing and accessories in the locality. The artificial jewellery wholesalers in Delhi put their products on sale here which catches a glimpse of shoppers who come to purchase designer wears or had come for a cup of coffee.

Lajpat Nagar

The Lajpat Nagar’s Central Market is a one-stop-destination that caters to all sorts of shopping for the Delhites at throwaway prices. From apparels to footwear, for accessories to home utility items you name it, and it won’t be amiss from the selling counter. Similarly, it is one of the bespoke artificial jewellery markets in Delhi that sells pieces of jewellery for all occasion and women of all ages. Expect the starting price of an artificial jewellery here from Rs 20 and never forget to bargain here.

Sarojini Market

The cheapest market of Delhi is Sarojini Market that also happens to be the artificial jewellery market in Delhi. Located at the prime location of South Delhi, this market is majorly thronged by college students, professionals and homemakers who wish to buy good stuff and bargain till the seller drops down the prices to a peanut.

Artificial jewellery may have a less worth than any diamond or a gold piece but its market is an extensive one and caters to all sorts of buyers from around the world. The artificial jewellery markets in Delhi are a paradise for a woman and a great business centre for its traders.

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