5 Famous Sunday Markets in Delhi That You Must Visit Once

Enjoy your Sunday at these Sunday Markets in Delhi.

Delhi is a multi-faceted city that surprises you with a variety of things that it offers to every class of the society. From big designer labels to a locally spun and woven wholesale cloth, everything is easily accessible to all its citizen. Sunday markets in Delhi is a weekly flea market that is another big thing to draw the attention of the buyers from the lower income strata. Here they can purchase from clothes to shoes, books to accessories, home and kitchen utility items to mouth watering street food at derth cheap prices.

Sunday markets in Delhi

These Sunday markets in Delhi are less talked about but the buyers going to these weekly flea markets are large in number and catered for all their shopping needs. Here, we bring to 5 famous Sunday markets in Delhi that are easy on pockets, loaded with a variety of stuff and still less celebrated attractions when talked about the plethora of things the city has to offer.

Daryaganj Sunday Book Market

The Daryaganj Sunday Book Market is one of the most thronged Sunday markets in Delhi by the students, teachers and those who are preparing for their competitive exams. There is nothing fancy about this market, with no shops or retail displays for the marketing gimmick but simple stacked up old and new books on the pavement by small level vendors. The best part of this weekly flea market is one can buy a book or a novel here, read it and can exchange it here for another book of their choice just we used to do in our school and college libraries.  

Aya Nagar Sunday Market

Aya Nagar Sunday Market is another Sunday Market in Delhi which is flocked with a large group of people. You can visit this Sunday Market for buying household items as well as consumer durables at pocket-friendly prices. Also, products which are essential for the daily needs can also be found in this affordable market in Delhi. This market is also known for documentation services, notary services, stamp paper dealers, stamp vendors, power of attorney consultants and a lot more.

Kamla Market

Located near North Campus of Delhi University is the Kamla Market. It holds one of the biggest Sunday markets in Delhi selling all kind of stuff including clothes, shoes, goggles, handbags, watches and other consumer durable products. Here one can buy Tshirts and jeans with starting price of 200 each and can even get the imitated branded goods like Reebok, Addidas, Nike etc. Raybans and many more.It is one of North Delhi’s commercial hub where cheap fashional stuff for boys and girls are sold.

Janpath Market, Connaught Place

In the heart of the Delhi is Connaught Place aks CP’s Janpath Market. Another place in Delhi to buy cheap fashionable clothings, accessories, jewelleries and books in Janpath Market. It is opened all throughout weekdays and also holds a Sunday market in Delhi as well. The bomn explosion in the past, couldn’t shaken the spirits of the vendors as well as of the buyers who thorng to this place in large number everyday. You can also expect some exported surplus goods here or even the second hand stuffs at nominal prices.

Sunday Chor Bazaar Market

Chandni Chowk’s Chor Bazaar, near Meena Bazaar is a special Sunday market in Delhi that is also termed as the theives market. One can buy from N number of products here including clothes, shoes, bags, carpets, electronic items, at just a throwaway prices. You’ll find the idea of visiting this place pretty funny but once you step in here, you’ll thank yourself. All the export surplus branded material is what you’ll find at Sunday Chor Bazaar Market at cheap prices. The crazy crowd behind the Red Fort at the crack of the dawn is sure to keep you wondering and spell-bound. To get the best stuff at this Sunday market in Delhi of Chor Bazaar is at 6 am.    

Well, these are some of the famous Sunday markets in Delhi that caters to all types of cheap fashionable stuffs for youngsters specially who wish to buy clothings and accessories at very nominal prices.

A recommendation and a word of caution: It is recommended that anyone visiting any of these Sunday markets in Delhi should go in for great bargainings to stuff your shopping bags at jaw dropping prices. Also, one needs to be extra cautious while shopping in these weekly markets as there are a lot of possibility of getting pickpocketted amid the hustle-bustle of these Sunday markets in Delhi.

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