7 Best Play Schools in South Delhi for Your Kids (With Fees & All Details)

Find the best play school in South Delhi

Play Schools in South Delhi have often come to the rescue for new parents when it comes to taking care of their kids. Everyone dreams of raising their children as good human beings and teach them everything from kindness and compassion to comfort and empathy. However, making a living is equally as important to survive the world we are in today and you are left with no option but to either get your kid a babysitter or send them to preschools in South Delhi.

However, no matter how sour it sounds to me, the play schools of South Delhi and as a matter of fact the entire country has come down to just making money out of your helplessness. We often people that start off their own play schools especially in small cities without even having an iota of compassion towards the other kids. A playschool is not just supposed to keep your kids busy while you go at work but also needs to be responsible for the moral upbringing of the child by teaching them about love, compassion, kindness and teamwork.   

Some of the best Play Schools in South Delhi that have taken care of all this are:

Apeejay School, Saket, South Delhi

Established in the year 1988, the Apeejay School is a popular institution in the Southern part of Delhi. The school offers senior secondary classes, higher school classes and preschool classes which all have two sections each. They are affiliated to the CBSE board of education and have shown tremendous results with each passing year. If you are planning to get your child admitted to the school at a later stage then we suggest that you start getting him accustomed to the surroundings from preschool itself. It remains to be the best play school in South Delhi Saket.

Address: J-Block, Gurudwara Road Saket, New Delhi-110017

Contact: +91-11-29555208


Little Pearls Play School

Another popular name in the list is the best play school in South West Delhi’s Vasant Vihar area.  They boast of a highly qualified team that understands the child behaviour through and through. With an expertise spanning over years, this preschool has garnered quite some love from the people and critics alike. It has been awarded several times for its work for the children and the excellence that it carries all the work with.

Location: C- 17/1 Paschimi Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi- 110057

Number: +91-1146012471


Oxford Kids

The current favorite play school among the parents of South Delhi, the Oxford Kids preschool has a lot going on for itself. They ensure a joyous atmosphere for learning and have their productive staff follow the international practices of teaching. They realize that sending your precious kid away from yourself for several hours a day for the sake of making a living is a decision hard to make. Therefore they make sure it remains a decision that you look back and don’t regret.

Place: NS-1, Block E, East of Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi 110065

Telephone: 011 4615 8888


Bumble Bees Pre School

If you happen to be the kinds that believe schooling takes the individuality away from people then Bumble Bees in Greater Kailash area is the play school in South Delhi you need to send your kid to. They make sure the creative instinct of the child is not buried under the education system and the child continues to grow with an inclination towards curiosity. They also have a branch in the Saket area if this isn’t easily accessible to you.

Drop in: S-452 B, Greater Kailash – II, New Delhi.

Dial: +91 9910577311


Brats and Cuties, Dwarka, South Delhi

Another top contender for the best play school in South West Delhi, Brats and Cuties have the best infrastructure of the competition. They claim to have classrooms that are more of functioning workshops that let the child unleash their inner creativity onto the canvas. With a number of helpful toys that engage the child and also help to educate them at the same time, this place has all it takes to beat the rival institutions. Special care is also taken to ensure that no child is subjected to bullying or is secluded from the other kids so that it does not leave a mark on their personality.

Address: HITS Bhawan, Sector-11, Adjacent to Sector 11, Plot No. 4 Bank Market, New Delhi – 75

Contact: +91 813 0381 382, 91 995 3192 335


Kid Zee Play School, South Delhi

This has to be the biggest play school franchise in India and is certainly one of the best South Delhi Play Schools for your newborn. They say that every child has its own learning process and they ensure that they get all the time they need. Their excellent teacher to child ratio is perfectly maintained so that each child has a teacher close to them throughout the day.

Location: E-29 Parvaran Complex, Main Ignou Road, Saidullajab, Saket, New Delhi, 110030

Phone Number: +91 96540 07789


These abovementioned names are the best ones in the business when it comes to Best Play Schools in South Delhi. The central idea that sits at the core of making a play school perfect for your kid is that they prepare them for our education system and ensure that they get introduced to the idea of how schooling works.

Another major thing that we fail to realize especially when it comes to first-time parents is that we get overwhelmed by the joy of a baby coming in our life. It becomes the centre of our world and in our drive to establish ourselves as loving parents we go over the top fulfilling all their needs which leads to unnecessary pampering. When the child finally goes to the school he meets the harsh reality that he isn’t special anymore and every other kid in the class is pampered just the way he was.

These best play Schools of South Delhi ensure that your child fits the environment of a classroom and he has no behavioural issues with other kids.

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