How Non-Invasive Diagnostics and Diet Can Revolutionise the Health Sector in India

While India maybe progressing on the socio-economic front, when it comes to our lifestyle and health, the figures are as morbid as a first world nation! Lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular problems, and diabetes, and a myriad of respiratory diseases are on the rise.

A lot of the people don’t know this, but blood tests are not the single most reliable source of diagnosing a disease. Certain diseases like thyroid, diabetes, and heart diseases begin manifesting in your body over the years – or at least months before they show up in a blood test.

The new technology of non-invasive diagnostics at the Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre can, however, help identify these nascent markers that are due to affect your body even BEFORE they show up in a blood test or become chronic. Doesn’t that sound revolutionary?

Let’s discuss in detail how this revolutionary concept can help people detect a chronic disease and prevent it before it attacks their bodies.

An array of tests available at the Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre in Saket can detect your cardiovascular age, biological age, body fat percentage, visceral fat around your organs, metal toxicity, mineral deficiency, etc. A combination of one or more of these factors deduces your overall health or what SMAC likes to call “metabolic wellbeing”.

Overall, here are the health indications of a particular condition:

  • High Body Fat

Linked to obesity, high body fat is a pre-diabetes and weight-related diseases indicator. A high body fat means that even if you lose weight, you will always to be susceptible to getting it right back when you leave your diet.

  • Metal Toxicity

Your body naturally has the presence of some heavy metals like aluminium, barium, mercury, cadmium, etc. that are essential for its proper functioning. However, even the smallest increase in their number can lead to toxicity. Depending on the type of metal, it can lead to blocking your body from absorbing certain nutrients, flatulence, cancerous beginnings, metal poisoning, etc.

  • Nutrient Deficiency

Blood tests don’t detect the exact number of all the nutrients in your body. Essential nutrients like zinc, selenium, chromium, etc. are required in optimum amounts to manage up to 1000 cumulative functions of your body. Smart Metabolic’s diagnostics allow you to measure the exact number of each nutrient in your body so you can work backwards to replenish or eliminate it, whatever the case may be.  

  • Stress Index

This puts a number to your stress. Most urban diseases are linked to stress. Smart Metabolic diagnostics allow you to the exact level of your stress and identify where it flares up in your body first. Based on the results, they help you take active steps for you to reverse it.

  • Biological Age

Smart Metabolic diagnostics allow you to measure the age of certain body organs and the cumulative age of your body as a whole so that you can compare it with your chronological age and determine active plans for your better health.

Smart Metabolic works with you to know your body inside-out first before embarking on any corrective program. Their extensive diet plans are paired with right supplementation and diagnostics to offer the best treatment available. Supplementation is often tricky because the slightest overdose or underdose could do your body more harm than good.

Also, lifestyle coaches at the Smart Metabolic Centre tail you 24/7, depending on the program you are on to allow you to get the best results for your body.



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