7 Famous Private Places for Couples in Delhi | Exclusive List

This goes out to couples looking for private places in Delhi to hang out.

Private Places For Couples in Delhi are far and few, leaving the couples with the option to spend quality time in cafes and bars of the city. We all take the privacy of couples around us for granted and that is even worse if you are in college or high school. Your friends tag along where ever you go and keep teasing you with names to make themselves feel better. It is a common practice and though there is nothing wrong with it, the couple gets hardly any time to talk about themselves. So here is a thought for all the people who have a friend in a relationship – give them some space so that the love has a chance to blossom. So unless your friends have decided to leave you alone, we suggest you keep on reading this and check out the list of the 7 Famous Private Places For Couples below:

Private Places for Couples in Delhi

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Lodi Garden, Khan Market

Starting off the list is our special place among them all – the Lodi Garden near Khan Market area. The garden consists of tombs that were built by the rulers of the Lodi Dynasty as a tribute to their ancestors. If you are the kinds who let relationships overwhelm your life then we believe this is the place which will become a part of your romance. Regarded as one of the most romantic places in Delhi for couples, the Lodi Garden also has a small lake where you can spend quality time with your beloved one while looking at the ducks.

Parthasarathy Rocks, JNU

Parthasarathy Rocks in the Jawahar Lal Nehru University Campus have been often regarded as one of the best places for couples to get cozy in Delhi. The rocks are the highest natural point of the city and offer a majestic view of Delhi which is otherwise mostly surrounded by chaos. The private place for couples in Delhi was open to all earlier but now it is mandatory that either you are a JNU student yourself or are accompanying one on your visit here. Indulge in deep conversations with your loved one over a cup of Chai which you should absolutely carry in a thermos.

Ridge Road, North Campus

A rather old-school place on the list is the Ridge Road near North Campus of Delhi University. If you are the kinds who still believe in holding your lover’s hands tightly in yours and walking with them talking about life and its uncertainty then we suggest you make sure you plan your next date here. The narrow walk will lead you to architectural structures of great significance to the Indian history along with a secluded forest area which has a rich heritage in flora and fauna. If you are the shy types and have been dating for a while then we believe this is the perfect place to kiss your girlfriend in Delhi for the first time.

Garden of Five Senses, Saidul Ajaib

Honestly, the Delhi couple park list is long and exhausting. However, the Garden of Five Senses opposite Saket is not just any regular park. Spread over an area of 20 Acres, the garden was opened for the public in 2003. The rich diversity and different themes of the park make sure there is something for everyone. The garden also houses one of the most romantic restaurants in delhi for couples.  Cultural programmes like Garden Festival, Yoga Camps, and Nature Walks are hosted quite often which makes it the best place in Delhi for fun.

Talkatora Garden

The Talkatora garden (Talkatora Bagh) is a Mughal Era Garden with great historical significance. Popular among Private Places for Couples in Delhi, the Marathas defeated the Mughals here in 1737. Although the place attracts a lot of tourists, calling it lovers point Delhi won’t be entirely wrong. There is also the famous Talkatora Indoor Stadium in this vicinity which has contributed to the footfall here. Not for the average person, this place is for the hardcore romantic who wants to read a book of poetry to their lover while lying in their lap.

GIP Ebony Private Lounge

If you lover is a Bollywood fan, then we suggest you take her for the next Imtiaz Ali movie at the The Great India Place Mall in the GIP Ebony Private Lounge Section. This is the most privacy you can get as a couple. Instead of the conventional seats in a theatre, you get a lounge sofa which can be converted to a bed at the touch of a button. You even get a blanket which makes for a perfect place to get cosy with your partner in Delhi. There is no partition between the two seats in the Ebony Privy section this making it easier for you to enjoy the movie in your lover’s arms.

Rugby 7s North Campus

Built by the Commonwealth Committee in the North Campus of the Delhi University, the stadium was handed over to the University after the Commonwealth Games in 2010. The stadium is open to the students and has various indoor and outdoor facilities. It is a famous private place for couples in Delhi among the youngsters, especially from the Campus. The place makes up for a perfect place to kiss in Delhi and is a part of at least thousand romantic stories. Why don’t you go ahead and make it an important part of your memory as a couple as well?

These abovementioned places are the most popular ones when it comes to private places for couples in Delhi. Although nothing beats like having your loved one at your apartment watching the rain through the window while sipping that warm cup of coffee, a lot of people are left with no choice but to visit shady parks to meet their loved one. If you are reading this so far then we are pretty sure you have also searched for best make-out places in Delhi for car owners at some point of your life. There are a lot of Applications which offer safe hotels for couples who are looking to spend some quality time with each other which we think are far better options.

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