Chandni Chowk Food Guide- 10 Things You Must Try

Chandni Chowk has a lot to offer when it comes to food. Taking a Chandni Chowk Food walk is similar to the walk in the paradise of taste.

Take a Chandni Chowk Food Walk to experience the ultimate taste. Chandni Chowk is the first click which flashes in the minds of people once the topic of Delhi commences for obvious reasons. For in Delhi, you are sure to encounter many food-a-licious moments, and if you don’t visit Chandni Chowk for a foodie date, your trip won’t be complete.

Chandni Chowk has some amazing flavors which are sure to spoil you for the rest of your life. Below stated are 10 Chandni Chowk food items which you should definitely not miss to avoid regretting later on.

Take a Chandni Chowk food Walk and Taste the Stars Over Your Tongue

Chandni chowk in Delhi is the one place that is renowned for many things, food being one of them. If you are visiting Delhi, this Chandni Chowk food guide will definitely take your taste buds to bliss.

# Chandni Chowk Paranthe Wali Gali | Delhi

A few kilometers from Punjab, you can have the best feel of the Punjabi Paranthas at the Paranthe wali Gali in Chandni Chowk. Being synonymous to each other, this place is indeed a delight. This dish should not be missed for some yummy and mouth-watering calories never did bad to anyone.

# Jalebis at Old Famous Jalebi Wala in Chandni Chowk, Delhi

You must be thinking that Jalebis are a common thing at every sweet shop, but trust me, the distinctive taste and flavor of the Jalebis sold by the Old Famous Jalebi Wala in Chandni Chowk is something to look out for. The desi ghee fried and sugar coated Jalebis are a treat to the mouth.

# Channe Bhature at Chandni Chowk

It is better to prepare your stomach for a King-sized dish which is not only rich in look, but also takes your taste bud game to an all new level. Channe Bhature sold by the Gole Hatti t Chandni Chowk deserve to be on top of your food to-try list.

# Pani Puri

Chandni Chowk is the famous street food location in Delhi. The food life of Chandni Chowk is definitely incomplete without the mention of street food. And when we talk about street food, Pani Puri is one food item which strikes us within a second. The street food items at Chandni Chowk should definitely be tried in order to keep the eating culture of the place alive and well in place.

# Dahi Bhalle, Natraj Shop Chandni Chowk, Delhi

Even though, you are not a dahi bhalla lover, but if you have not tried the Dahi Bhalle of Natraj Shop at Chandni Chowk, you are missing a lot in the name of your favorite stuff. The dahi bhalle served by Natraj Shop are sure to indulge you in a fascinating experience.

# Kulfi at Chandni Chowk | Delhi

It is correctly said, that a dessert is like a feel-good dance and the best ones make you dance. And at Chandni Chowk, if you have not tried the lick-smacking desserts in the name of Kulfis, you are missing out on the best. It is said that the best Kulfis in India are served in here. So, if you are planning a chandni chowk food walk, trying Kulfi must be added to the list.

# Lassi | Chandni Chowk, Delhi

Approximately everyone is well familiar with the scorching heat of Delhi. Chandni Chowk’s lassi is an amazing way to not only quench the thirst but also beat the sweaty heat. The lassi is very creamy and is definitely going to provide you with a Punjabi feel.

# Kulle | Chandni Chowk Food Guide

This is for all those people who prefer to eat fruits and vegetables. Kulle is a chaat made solely out of fruits as well as vegetables. This gift of Delhi is served along with spices, chickpeas as well as with pomegranate seeds and is a treat not only to the eyes but to the mouth as well. Chandni Chowk old Delhi is one of the best places to enjoy the authentic taste of Kulle.

# Naan | Old Delhi, Chandni Chowk

Naan is one of the breads which is loved by everyone around. The different kinds of naan served at Chandni Chowk with butter floating on them is ideal for anyone who loves to try a huge variety of the food items at the streets of Delhi. So, while you are planning to visit Chandni Chowk in old Delhi, Naan must b added in the list of must try.

# Chicken, Best Non Veg Food in Chandni Chowk

Talking about Food, how can we forget the love of every non-vegetarian person that is chicken. Karim’s is a gem tucked in the corner of the box of Chandni Chowk. This place is flocked with people forever for serving non-vegetarian dishes with an impeccable taste. So, if you are looking for the best Non Veg Street food in Delhi, This is the best dish to try there.

For all the food mongers out there, Chandni Chowk awaits you to send you on a palatable food ride anytime soon. So, here above is the complete Chandni Chowk food guide.