7 Best Restaurants for (Candle Light) Dinner in Delhi with Price | Exclusive List

There are a ton of places for candle light dinner in Delhi which have been symbolic in keeping the romance alive among the couples of the city. The Capital houses a plethora of cafes and restaurants already but that does not stop a handful of new ones to open every day. If you are one of those people who are tired of ‘trying out’ those new places and hating on them later for an average taste and a large food bill, then we suggest you try something romantic this time around. The city of Delhi is home to some of the most romantic restaurants and cafes in the country but we want you to go old school for your special occasion. Nothing beats a candle light dinner in Delhi for a special occasion which by the way also helps to make it more memorable than any other random outing.

Candle Light Dinner in Delhi

Some of the best places for a romantic candle light dinner in Delhi are:

Cherish X

Topping the list for a private candle light dinner in Delhi is Cherish X. If you are the kinds of people who like to have their privacy then Cherish X are the right people for you. Imagine everything mushy and romantic you have ever thought of doing for your loved one but ended up shelving the idea just because you had no space for it. Cherish X meets you half way there. With their unique and out of the box services, you can arrange for a room full of balloons for her birthday or even a private dinner get serviced to you. Adding to the awesomeness they already are, they can also arrange for a private screening of your favourite movie while you have that intimate dinner.


Address: A-72, First Floor, Main Road, Kalkaji, New Delhi, Delhi 110019

Contact: 080106 79679

Experience Saga

Another similar place on the list for a private candlelight dinner in Delhi is Experience Saga. They offer a variety of options for love bugs which may end up surprising you. Their choices for a candle light dinner in NCR region are pretty extensive which ranges from some feeble places to luxurious 5-Star properties and boutique hotels. They can also arrange for a candle light dinner in Vivanta by Taj at the pool side which we think is the most romantic you can get. You can additionally choose for surprise gifts, or a room stay along with your dinner in case you are looking to propose that night.


Location: 2E/25 Jhandewalan Extension, New Delhi, Delhi 110055

Phone: 080103 71371

Lodi – The Garden Restaurant

Our love for this restaurant is very profound. The Garden Restaurant in Lodi Garden has managed to get a place on most of our lists and things are no different when it comes to romantic places for a candlelight dinner in Delhi. Taking your lover here can turn out to be a pretty decent deal as the dinner for two costs close to 2600 Rupees. Their outdoor seating area is everything one can ask for on that special night but they have ample place indoors as well if you fancy that kind of a table. Their Jumbo Prawns, Babaganush and Banoffee Pie are the most popular items off the menu and have struck the right cord with the foodies of the city.


Address: Lodhi Road, Opp. Mausam Bhavan, New Delhi, Delhi 110003

Telephone: 011 3958 5266

Veda Restaurant

Another popular place for candle light dinner in Delhi CP is Veda. The place has all it takes to make the night even more special for the two of you and we aren’t even talking about the food as of yet. The ambience lights up with a whole lot of chandeliers and mirrors which are perfectly accompanied by large leather sofas on one side and comfy wooden chairs on the other. The place is dimly lit on purpose so that nothing distracts you on your special date and your focus remains on the person in front of you.


Drop in: H-27, Tropical Building, Connaught Circus, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Call: 011 4151 3535

Lavaash By Saby

Lavaash has to be our favourite pick off the list. The place offers a luxury dining experience without burning a hole in your pocket. It is famous for its Armenian as well as Bengali dishes which have struck the right cord with the customers here. One look at the place and you know that one thing that runs this place is sheer love and passion for food and culture. Once you enter the place you totally forget that you walked into a restaurant. The ambience resembles of a small house with an outdoor seating area and ceiling hanging chairs. The story continues with the generous use of colours which make it the perfect place for a romantic dinner in Delhi.


Location: H5/1, Ambawatta No.1, Kalkadass Marg, Mehrauli, Delhi 110030

Phone: 078270 44055

Olive Bar and Kitchen Restaurant

Olive Bar and Kitchen Restaurant has the potential to be your new favourite place for candle light dinner in Delhi Mehrauli. The only thing is it will set you back serious money for the business. The ambience and hospitality spoils you so much so that you might not even like any other place in town after that. You could have your food served to you in the area of your choice which includes the open air area at the back and the indoor cave like seating area separated definitively. Their chocolate fondant, sea food and mezze platter are the most ordered dishes here.


Locale: Kalkadas Marg , Mehrauli, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

Tel: 098102 35472

La Bodega

Making an entry to the list of candle light dinner in Delhi with price is LA Bodega in the Khan Market area which sets you back by 1,700 Rupees for two people. It offers Mexican food exclusively with Churros and Cochinita Pibil being its speciality. Along with the food, what sets the mood is the cute little lights along with the maroon and sea green chairs. A rose on each table is just an added bonus and an opportunity which should not be missed.


Place: 29, 1st Floor, Middle Lane, Khan Market, New Delhi, Delhi 110003

Call: 011 4310 5777

Aanch, Delhi

For a candle light dinner in West Delhi we suggest you check out Aanch in the Rajouri Garden area. Located on the 4rth Floor of the Eros Mall, it offers a fine dining experience specialising in North Indian and Mughlai cuisine. In typical Delhi style it too offers an open seating area like all the other places on the list but we suggest you reserve a table indoors for this one. The ambience looks monarchical and the right use of colours sucks you in, the moment you enter. The large sofa chairs consume you and you might end up refusing to get back up. Try the Murg Makhani followed by a special Punjabi Phirni here.

Address: 4th Floor Terrace, Shoppers Stop Mall, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, 110027

Contact: 011 2510 7777


These were our picks for the best places for a romantic candle light dinner in Delhi which are popular among the couples of the city. One could argue that nothing beats the home cooked dinner in a dark room with just a candle light but that would take the excitement out of your girlfriend to get ready for the romantic evening. On the contrary, these romantic restaurants of Delhi have an exceptional ambience and offer their choicest delicacies with an equal importance on the presentation. These restaurants are the perfect choices for a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, or even Valentine’s Day. We suggest you go an extra mile and take a rose for the lady which sits perfectly in line with keeping things old school.

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