8 Bag Markets in Delhi to Buy All Type of Bags at Wholesale Prices

Shop for Bags in Delhi at these famous markets known for their bags

Bag Markets in Delhi have emerged to be the backbone of the city’s economy. With dedicated area with each having more than a hundred stores, the bag markets of Delhi have truly spoiled the customers for good. The varieties available here are unparallel and cannot be compared to other parts of India. The capital city comprises of at least 10 such markets dedicated to bags and we decided to compile a list of the best ones of the lot. You might be on the hunt for a trendy side bag for the weekend club night or a sophisticated clutch for a wedding, Delhi’s bag markets have a lot to offer. Also, their extensive varieties of duffle bags and strolley suitcases have made them a hub as the travel bag markets in Delhi.

Bag Market in Delhi

If you are reading this, we have plenty other options along with the iconic Nabi Karim Bag Market Delhi.

Nabi Karim

Hailed as the largest bag market in Asia, the Nabi Karim market Delhi has established itself as the best one in the business. There are hundreds of stores in the area in addition to the street vendors who offer a variety of products at dirt cheap prices. Some of these vendors manufacture their own product and you often come across hand sewed purses and rucksacks. At Nabi Karim Delhi we were surprisingly able to find some unique products that lighten up one’s mood. One such product we came across was a velvet notebook cover which is perfect for the pampering your daily journal. How to reach Nabi Karim market you ask? Well the area is in the vicinity of Paharganj which is another famous area for its modest hotels at affordable rates. The New Delhi railway station is pretty close and chances are you will find the Nabi Karim bag market in Delhi easy to access.

Sadar Bazaar

Another popular bag market of Delhi, the Sadar Bazaar are has garnered quite some respect from regular customers. Well technically it is the same Nabi Karim market which leads to a major chunk of stores to the North which forms the bag market in Sadar Bazaar, Delhi. The bags are much cheaper here and replicas of Louis Vuitton and Versace can be seen pretty much everywhere. With astonishing prices of Rupees 30 for a clutch, this bag market of Delhi definitely deserves a place on the list. However, we do suggest that you practice your bargaining skills at your best here which may easily end up saving you a few hundred bucks.

Karol Bagh

We aren’t really sure when was the last time we were curating a list of best places in Delhi and Karol Bagh never managed to make the cut. With the tank road area and Gaffar market in the vicinity, it sure witnesses heavy footfall among the thrifty shopper of Delhi and other neighboring cities. Although you may easily find similar products here like other bag markets of Delhi, the Karol Bagh area specializes in the leather products. So if you are looking for a new laptop bag for your office or want to ditch the generic backpack that comes with it, then we suggest you head straight to the Karol Bagh bag market. Depending on your budget you will find endless options to choose from. If you aren’t looking to spend more than 300 Rupees then you will have to make do with a generic leather lookalike replica. However, if you care about what people over at the office think of you than we suggest you dig a bigger whole in your pockets and get yourself a premium looking leather laptop bag which sets you back by at least 700 Rupees.

Janpath Market

If you are ever going shopping with your wife then we warn you never let her take to Janpath. The huge market is like Disney World to the women folk and you will be left wanting to get your legs massaged. The Janpath market is not exclusive for bags like other bag markets in Delhi but it is no short of them when it comes to the sheer variety of it. With vendors selling Kurtis, Sunglasses, Dhotis, Furnishing Cloths and much more, a major chunk of the business also deals in bags for both men and women. The market consists of temporary shacks and roadside vendors which are fighting over a single customer claiming to offer the better deal. There is a variety of bags on offer here and combined with the other clothes and apparels on offer, you will be happy to shop for your weekend attire at a single place. The most eye-catching products here have to be funky backpacks with modern slang and slogans on printed on them. One can easily find examples of bags with memes on them which sell for at least 1800 Rupees on any major e-commerce website. However, here things are different and you will be able to get one for a feeble 200 Rupees.

Central Market, Lajpat Nagar

Imagine a Tote bag you saw someone carry at the college and desperately want one to try with your favourite attire the next weekend. Well if you were able to do that then we have sorted things for you. The central market in the Lajpat Nagar are like the Janpath market sells a variety of stuff but manages to hold its own among other bag markets in Delhi. Examples of Tote bags here can be seen for as little as 50 Rupees and are available in every store as well as most street side vendors. You won’t even have to look out for one, chances are you will be tired of seeing one every three seconds. Other than that the luggage bags are available in various forms like Strolleys, Duffle bags and sturdy Suitcases. If you are the hiking kinds and have been wanting to travel the Himalayas for a while then you might want to visit this place for its varieties of Rucksacks which are available for a tenth of branded products. It totally saves up for the rest of the trip unlike spending a fortune on Wildcraft and Quechua products.

Connaught Place

Connaught Place is famous as the wholesale market of school bags in Delhi and naturally, every parent has been on a trip at this place every time before the annual term starts. Funky printed bags with Marvel and DC characters on them make for perfect companions for the kids. Some of the bags are also manufactured here which further helps in bringing down the prices. A fairly sturdy yellow bag we found for a high school kid was manufactured pretty neatly and there was a special focus on the division of compartments. It came for an affordable 200 Rupees and thanks to our negotiating skills we were able to get the price down further to 140 Rupees. Luggage bags especially leather ones are pretty famous here and you may easily come across dedicated stores for leather luggage bags. They come at a starting price of 350 Rupees.

Dilli Haat

If you aren’t very strict on the budget then we suggest you take a look at this crafts bazaar as well. Here you will find products from all parts of India that echo their own cultural heritage. The good thing is while you do it you can also enjoy the choicest delicacies available at a number of food stores. This is a paid entrance open air crafts bazaar and the best thing about it is that the shops here are temporary. What that means is that the stalls are leased for a minimum period of 15 days only which makes it easier to give more people a chance to put up their products here. One can easily find bags from Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh, especially at the Tibetan shops. The Rajasthani bags have a certain ethnic feel to them courtesy the artwork which is perfectly done on each peace without the use of complicated machinery.

Sarojini Nagar

Alright, be honest. You expected Sarojini Nagar to make it to the list, didn’t you? Well, it certainly has courtesy its wide variety of bags which appeal to the women of the city. If you ever feel like your college look is incomplete without the messenger bag by your side then all you need to do is head to this bag market in Delhi. Alternatively, if you have a weekend club night coming up then the sophisticated clutches might interest you. The thing we like about this particular place in Delhi is the fact that the products here are handpicked and the bags even if replicas never come off as too loud. The retailers here have surely taken note of what the women of Delhi and other neighbouring cities like and buy. A glittery golden clutch with a sleek metal wire could alternatively be hung by your shoulder and came for less than Rupees 140. The Sarojini Nagar bag market also has a large variety of Tote bags and large handbags which can be easily used to carry your necessities around for the entire day. A large handbag we found was comfortably able to take in our 13-inch laptop. Practical right?


These abovementioned names were the best ones in the business when it comes to Bag Markets in Delhi. We made the list depending upon a number of factors like varieties available, prices, accessibility and safety. Of course, there are places like Chor Bazaar which has established itself as a top name but since the chances of getting pickpocketed here are too high we believe you’ll end up losing as much money as you try to save in the first place. Also, keep in mind that some of these are wholesale bag markets in Delhi and won’t entertain you if you wish to buy small quantities. These markets have been responsible for exporting bags to all parts of the country where they are sold at a huge premium.

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